Great project teams are not born,

they are trained

How do top Retailers transform their project team
in just 21 days without leaving their office ?

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We upskilled  3000+ Team Members

Does your project sounds like this 


  • Team: Everybody is occupied in the organisation and it is a struggle to assemble the dream team
  • Platforms: We have a mix of legacy, cloud, on premise, SAP and non SAP platforms, this is not simple
  • Domains: The project is encompassing the entire organisation from buying to stores


  • Timeline: The timeframe for the project is set to very challenging milestones, we are not sure to meet the first one
  • Scope: The scope is not completely defined with every stakeholder hoping to sneak some requirements in
  • Expectation: All eyes are on us, as the whole company is expecting a real improvement from the project

Show me how this all works

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Do you wish someone could make SAP simple

25+ Years

Maybe too long on the road, but experience is what matters the most


Satisfaction Guaranteed, we simply care about your team as you do

60,000+ Hours

Training is what we do, we learned how to make SAP simple

Why Knil

There was no school for that..

We expect our children to know how to navigate life without a proper training in taxes, insurances and more.. and we repeat this mistake when entering the largest transformation for our organisation. 

​If you train the team on the job, they will be ready when your project ends and your business will have to pay the heavy learning price of delays, misconceptions, unsatisfaction and more.. 

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One bootcamp per month for some 20,000 retailers

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To ensure quality training and follow up we limit the onboarding to 25 seats 

1 Bootcamp
to attend 

Per Month

There are only 12 bootcamps per years and far too many retailers

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Is this right for you ?


  • Delay: Our project starts in 6+ months and is not even decided
  • Platform: We are not running on SAP and will not run on SAP anytime soon 
  • Situation : Our team is not set up yet and this will take time
  • Industry: We are not in the retail industry, or CPG, wholesale​


  • Experience: Most team members haven't done S4/HANA Retail transformations before
  • Landscape: We are using already or selected S4/HANA Retail as core platform
  • Size: We are a middle or large retailer with over 100 stores
  • Modules: We have or will have S4/HANA, SAP CAR, WM, TM and more..

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How is this different from another training

The classical way

Our way

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Still some doubts

Let's see if we can tackle some of your questions 

Frequent Asked Questions

How long does the bootcamp last ?

The bootcamp last for 21 days, starting every beginning of the month. It is a continuous training with pratice and excercies

How long does it take per day ?

The bootcamp is structured in short sessions of 90 minutes every day to keep an importance pace with relatively short sessions where the students can keep their attention

How is it different from other training ?

Our training are first business based and don't use the platforms as the starting point. We translated business process into SAP for Retail Jargon and not the contrary.

What modules of the SAP for Retail suite are covered ?

The bootcamp covers S4/HANA, SAP CAR, SAP TM, SAP WM, SAP F&R and more.. 

What students prequisitises are required to attend ?

The most important knowledge is the retail business knowledge of assortment management, supply chain optimization, warehouse activities and stores operations