Aug 7, 2017

Feed Sorting


Edited: Aug 7, 2017

We added in the previous version the possibility to sort your feed by Trending, Popular and Recent.



Most Popular : Sort the posts orders from most engaged to less engaged

Most Recent : Sort the posts ordered from new to old

Most Trending : Sort the posts ordered from a mix of time and engagement

New Posts
  • Benoit
    Aug 25, 2017

    Open discussion on the best format to interact between users. We want to add discussions, conversations between the followers of a channel. We have the following options : 1- Comments People comment on a specific posts mostly like facebook, twitter, instagram.. Comments are hidden within the posts, and specific to a post in a feed. The issue with comments is that older posts comments are difficult to access. 2- Chat People talk in a general chat for the channel with a simple conversation interface. The issue with chat is that it can get messy very fast. 3- Discussions People open discussions on a specific topic, they can invite people from the channel and it appears on the feed. Like Reddit, Quora. The issue with discussion is a heavier process with opening a discussion, setting a topic and eventually invite people to talk about the topic. We would like to have your thoughts about this important feature. Thanks
  • sandralmoffat
    Aug 8, 2017

    My download from the play store doesn't seem to be happening so I thought I'd take the opportunity to ask if the 10 Topics / 10 Interests limit has been removed. Thanks!
  • Benoit
    Aug 7, 2017

    Create great open channels and invite followers You just built a great channel with lots of interests and you want other people to benefit from it... Invite them to follow your channel